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***Updated October 28, 2016*** Welcome to ArizonaRealEstateBargains.com NOW also affiliated with another great: UniqueLuxuryEstates.com where you will find Unique and beautiful BARGAIN estates and land....."at Rock Bottom Prices!"  Our site is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, so be sure to read on to find out why!  UPDATE:  Inventory is DECLINING A LOT and when that happens, prices begin to go UP!   NOW is the best time to buy and get your deal before its too late and you are priced out of the market.  

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE:  Be sure to check out the "Search MLS" tab above as we have a new way to search homes!  Keep checking back as we will be adding more searches soon, especially how to find the new "Bank Owned Bargains" the very moment they come on the market!!   There is no other search out there like this one, search like a real estate pro!  

B-A-R-G-A-I-N......Bargain.....Everybody these days wants one especially when it comes to real estate in Arizona/Greater Phoenix/Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley/Fountain Hills....I search the daily deals in real estate for you and post them on my website, but these arent your ordinary, average, every-day bargains...

Watch this website DAILY for new updates..and new BARGAIN LUXURY real estate Bank Owned/Foreclosure deals added to "My Best Bargains" page! You wont want to miss out....I have searched the best deals out there for you! If you wait and want to "think about" any deals in "My Best Bargain" section, you will lose out!! Most of those deals are so hot that they are often sold/under contract within a day or even hours!!! Dont wait, you will regret it....I promise you that!!

Arizona and The Greater Phoenix Area (The Valley of the Sun) is a great place to live and INVEST in Real Estate!!! The media has warned us all that this is not the best time to sell and we should only do that if absolutely necessary...But what they fail to mention is that NOW is a great time to buy....There are plenty of LUXURY BARGAINS to be found out there...and that is exactly what I am here to do...help you find them!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A HOME!!! We had over 64,000 listings in 2006....and as of October 25th, 2016, we are at  21,151 (up a bit)ACTIVE (Greater Phoenix area) total listings and only 264(down a  bit) of those are "BANK OWNED/FORECLOSED" listings--this includes residential homes, condos, townhomes, patio homes & mobile homes...almost 1/2 of the supply of homes are left...These Rock Bottom Prices wont last forever!! IT'S LOOKING AS THOUGH WE HAVE HIT BOTTOM!!! GET IN NOW BEFORE PRICES GO UP! Remember, when supply goes down, prices go up--economics 101! If you have been following these number I post, you will notice that supply of homes in our area has dropped drastically, this only means that prices will go up as inventory is reduced!

Inside my site, you will find custom homes that were listed not long ago for as much as 3 times or more than the current price. I know of some LUXURY Bargains that were listed not long ago for almost $1,900,000 and today they are listed for only $699,900...or the one that was prior listed at $1,100,000 and today, they are listed for only $282,000--both homes are custom and located in prestigeous Scottsdale, Arizona. I just added another Scottsdale custom Bank Owned estate the other day-it was prior listed for $3,495,000 and is now only $990,000--brand new, never lived in, golf course lot, 6500+ square feet, pool and spa...and the average price for sale there is $2,800,000 and this is about 1/3 of that!! Recently, I posted a listing for a HUGE Scottsdale custom home that has 11,000 square feet, guest house, an elevator and is located on a golf course...this one was prior listed at $5.5 million and is now only $1,680,000!!! Recently, a lucky couple from Canada purchased a Bargain of mine so hot it didnt have time to make it to my website! This one was 6000 square feet, on 3.25 acres, a guest house, Viking appliances and the most amazing views from up on the hill...this one was a custom home that was prior listed for $3.3 million, never lived in and sold for $710,000!! Everyone kept asking me about the Paradise Valley estate that was prior listed at $25 million and sold for under $2.9 million....Sorry you missed out on that one, what a great investment it was! These are just a few of the Bargain deals you might find in my site under "My Best Bargains." Be prepared to be amazed!!! Be prepared to make a quick offer before someone else beats you to it!

My site has gained tremendous popularity over the past several months...There are buyers from all around world visting this site daily and taking advantage of these amazing LUXURY Real Estate Bargains. You will notice that NONE of the properties listed on this site under "My Best Bargains" are Short Sale properties. I will spare you your time and sanity and not list those as only a staggering small percentage of about 17% of those close! What happens to them then, you ask? Well, that is why this site is so popular....read on...

Those LUXURY homes that were once listed as "Short Sale" almost always end up going into foreclosure and end up at what is called a "Trustee Sale." Once the Trustee Sale is complete, most of them become what is known as "Bank Owned." The lender or bank that holds the mortgage note essentially takes the property back and becomes the sole owner of the property. This transfer of ownership happens immediately upon the Trustee's Sale and then the bank lists the home for sale at amazing Bargain prices!!

I search the many LUXURY Bank Owned properties and find the "cream of the crop" properties and estates that enter the public market--and list them on this site the very second they enter the market. Yes, that is what makes my website so unique. Once again, I scout out the best properties out there and publish them the moment the Bank takes over ownership of the property and makes them available for sale.

There is no other website in Arizona-- specializing in estates in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley & Fountain Hills that is as detailed and customized as this one!! You might find sites that offer free search of the "MLS" but they dont lead you to the best LUXURY Bargains the very moment they enter the market! I have been practicing Real Estate Investments and Mortgage Banking for about 19 years now and use my many years of knowledge and expertise to help you find real Bargains.

In my site I will list the best Bargains available at this moment and provide details and pictures of that property. If you arent paying cash, I can also help you obtain mortgage financing with low down payments and very low rates. Just click on the "Financing" section of this site and there you can apply for a mortgage loan. It call all be found here, a one-stop shop for your real estate and real estate financing needs.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you find the Foreclosure/Bank Owned Bargain deal that you have been searching for! There are some AMAZING deals under "My Best Bargains" section and I hope you will take advantage of one of them.

Dont wait too long and wait for these bargains to get any better....Odds are pretty good that what you see on my site today, might not be available tomorrow. Get off the fence and lets "BEAT THE BANK" and make an offer!! "We wont know if we dont ask!" You will thank me in the years to come as we look back at this incredible window of opportunity to buy a Bargain home!

Be sure to visit us at:  UniqueLuxuryEstates.com  for luxury high-end estates that will amaze you!


Warm Regards,


Jon R. Cooper
Luxury Estates and Land Real Estate Advisor
Designated Broker--Cooper Premier Properties LLC
President & Manager-Arizona Real Estate Bargains, LLC
office:  480-382-2Jon (2566)
direct: 602-410-9585
fax: 480-619-6349

  • Price: $1,849,750
    Bedrooms 5
    Bathrooms 5.5
    Square Feet 5,850
    Scottsdale, AZ

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1. an advantageous purchase, esp. one acquired at less than the usual cost: The sale offered bargains galore.

2. an agreement between parties settling what each shall give and take or perform and receive in a transaction.

3. such an agreement as affecting one of the parties: a losing bargain.

4. something acquired by bargaining.

5. Informal. an agreeable person, esp. one who causes no trouble or difficulty (usually used in negative constructions): His boss is no bargain.

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